FTP Search

Image credit: https://www.coywolf.news

Two versions of the ftpsearch engine: one running on the ftp_server itself, another for scanning ftp_servers remotely. All versions include an indexer and a web-interface for the search itself. These two versions were deployed on two main Briansk Internet providers of that time: BryanskTel and BKS-TV.

Aleksandr Petiushko Александр Петюшко
Aleksandr Petiushko Александр Петюшко
Director, Head of ML Research / Adjunct Professor / PhD

Principal R&D Researcher (15+ years of experience), R&D Technical Leader (10+ years of experience), and R&D Manager (8+ years of experience). Running and managing industrial research and academic collaboration (35+ publications, 30+ patents). Hiring and transforming AI/ML teams. Inspired by theoretical computer science and how it changes the world.