Preamble detection using vector processors


In one embodiment, a programmable vector processor performs preamble detection in a wireless communication network. Implementation of preamble detection in the vector processor is made possible by a set of vector instructions that include (i) a circular load instruction for loading vectors of received data, (ii) a correlation instruction for correlating the vectors of received data with vectors of the scrambling code to concurrently generate a plurality of complex correlations, (iii) a partial-transpose instruction for arranging vectors of the complex correlations for use by a Fast Hadamard Transform (FHT) processor, and (iv) an FHT instruction for performing FHT processing on a vector of complex correlations. Implementing preamble detection in the vector processor allows more of the received data to be processed concurrently. As a result, preamble detectors of the disclosure may detect preambles using fewer clock cycles than that of comparable preamble detectors implemented using hardware accelerators.

Aleksandr Petiushko Александр Петюшко
Aleksandr Petiushko Александр Петюшко
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