Multi-Constraint Safe RL with Objective Suppression for Safety-Critical Applications


Safe reinforcement learning tasks with multiple constraints are a challenging domain despite being very common in the real world. To address this challenge, we propose Objective Suppression, a novel method that adaptively suppresses the task reward maximizing objectives according to a safety critic. We benchmark Objective Suppression in two multi-constraint safety domains, including an autonomous driving domain where any incorrect behavior can lead to disastrous consequences. Empirically, we demonstrate that our proposed method, when combined with existing safe RL algorithms, can match the task reward achieved by our baselines with significantly fewer constraint violations.

In 2023 Symposium Machine Learning for Autonomous Driving
Aleksandr Petiushko Александр Петюшко
Aleksandr Petiushko Александр Петюшко
Director, Head of ML Research / Adjunct Professor / PhD

Principal R&D Researcher (15+ years of experience), R&D Technical Leader (10+ years of experience), and R&D Manager (8+ years of experience). Running and managing industrial research and academic collaboration (35+ publications, 30+ patents). Inspired by theoretical computer science and how it changes the world.